Marketing is essential to your business.  Our diverse experience brings traditional marketing and online marketing into one unique and successful campaign.

The questions to the right will help us prepare to make the most out of our consultation.  We’ll conduct preliminary research to see where you appear to be before we speak.

What you can expect from the free consultation:

  • A 5 minute introduction call.  We’ll introduce ourselves to you and get some information on where you would like to go and how you would like to get there.  Pretty much, your goals.
  • We’ll evaluate your current efforts on and offline and form some more directed guidance.
  • Our team will evaluate your website and ensure that it is performing at its best, if not, we’ll make recommendations.  Just a heads up, you’re most likely not going to get the “you need a new website” from us.
  • If we all agree we would both be a fit for each other, we’ll schedule another follow up call that will last about 30 minutes.  This call will allow us to provide you with the information we found as well as entertain any questions you may have.

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