Crisis Communications

Keeping Your Brand Airborne

Every organization is vulnerable to crises and should have a crisis communication plan prepared. Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t think about having one until they are in the middle of a crisis. If you don’t prepare, you could encounter more damage. Not having a crisis plan in place is like not having insurance. We all get it, but hope we never have to use it.

Don’t let an unforeseen crisis cost you your company. Having the proper infrastructure set up in advance, and being well prepared for crisis, can mean the difference between closing your company and keeping it operational.

The Captevrix team will help you develop a crisis communication plan for your company that is designed to assist in various situations as well as a general protocol.

Examples of what your plan would cover are:

  • Preserve your brand and reputation both internally and externally
  • Address the situation through clear communications - don’t act in haste or rash comments
  • Represent the facts to the media both off and online
  • Communicate with key stakeholders within the company
  • Coordinate with legal counsel to reduce legal repercussions

Captevrix aids their clients by preparing them for the inevitable by discussing various situations that could possibly affect their company’s value or reputation.  A crisis communication plan is created and continues to develop over time by assessing lack of preparation and applying best practices.  What you can expect from our crisis communications plan preparedness program:

  • Assessing your current situation and potential hazards
  • 3 T’s of Crisis Communications
  • Crisis communications management plan
  • Training of what to do and what NOT to do.
If a crisis occurs, you are not alone. The Captevrix team will be at your side guiding you through the process.

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