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Do Reviews Matter?

Do you think reviews have an impact on your business? Do you think you should be watching what consumers are saying about your business? Do you think you should be responding to your online reviews? If you answered “yes,” you are right!

Reviews are becoming a vital part of today’s marketing plans and not something to be ignored. Not only do reviews have an impact on your SEO for your website, but they are also a deciding factor for many consumers of whether or not they decide to use your services or products. 


Many businesses are afraid to ask for reviews because they are scared of negative feedback. Instead of being afraid, you should take that chance to make things right, by showing future customers that you want to make things right. And for those bogus reviews, don’t worry, today’s consumer is much smarter than you might think and can usually see right through those. But it’s best to respond to it so that you look like the good guy. 

What about those good reviews? You want folks to tell the world how pleased they are with you and you should want to thank them for it. It’s that simple. 

Take a look at this infographic that has some great statistics about reviews and how it affects your business. 


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