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Content Marketing For Resort Rentals

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You’ve heard about Content Marketing, but not sure what it is or what the big deal is? It’s just words, right?

Content Marketing is more than just words, it serves many purposes such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), copywriting, etc. Now you may be asking yourself why I refer to Content Marketing as an adventure. Simple – it is! You have to constantly discover new content that is worthy of sharing. You are are the authority on your industry – share it, but share it wisely.

Many of our clients have vast knowledge that is just stored in their heads. It’s my job to get that knowledge out of their brilliant minds and into useful content, such as guides, blogs, “how-to” tools, social media, and to incorporate it into their website… just to name a few.

Now you see why content marketing is an adventure, and important.  

Here are some examples of how we use Content Marketing for Captevrix:

As you can see, Content Marketing is considered a necessity in today’s marketing world. The days of throwing up a website and creating a cute brochure and hoping for the best are long gone. Today’s marketing is so much more, and that’s what makes it a true adventure. An adventure is exciting, eventful and full of surprises. You would be amazed at the changes we experience just with this type of marketing alone. Even as I write this post, I noticed how I used to write a post three years ago is different than how I write it today. 

Now, take all that knowledge that have you have stored in your “brain files” and create great content that can get your resort noticed and turn it into revenue. Remember, it’s not just words, it’s an adventure! 


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